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This post was inspired by the Ryan Adams and the Cardinals show Kathy, Valerie and I went to at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills, Thursday night. I am going to break from the format I've gone with for the last month and post nothing but Ryan Adams songs that have caught my fancy. I am a day late but this couldn't be rushed.

One of three records he put out in 2005, the others being Cold Roses (with the Cardinals) and 29. (Solo) Probably the least hyped of the three but still my favorite Cardinals record. Very tight last night at the show at the Wilshire Theatre. “One shot, one beer, one kiss, then I’ll go. ”

Dear Chicago (Demolition) Not about the city of Chicago but rather the girl (Amy Lombardi) who broke his heart and thus inspired Heartbreaker. This is a common literary tool in his arsenal for all future releases. Ex: New-York New-York, having little to do with the City itself but just so happened to have very good timing (or bad as it may be) to certain events. “Nothing breathes here in the cold/Nothing moves or even smiles/I've been thinking some of suicide/But there's bars out here for miles” That pretty much sums up Ryan Adams tenormin 100mg pills $262.00, or at least the Ryan Adams pre-2007. (Now sober and in a steady relationship. ) tenormin 100mg pills $262.00] 10pt; font-family: Arial">

My favorite Ryan Adams song on my favorite Ryan Adams album. For fear of sounding over analytical, make up your own mind. (Thus sounding elitist. ) With the exception of MTV and a few other friends in early college I never really listened to Ryan Adams until 2002 when this album came out. Arguably his most consumer friendly and thus “worst” record it really did grow on me. It is very pop in nature which shouldn’t necessarily be a horrible thing. I can say I related to this once upon a time but I feel most people have to some degree. (As have most people mentioned the previous phrase numerous times in their lives. ) Not the most thought provoking jingle, but definitely a good one off this album. Part of the best break up album of the year. No, not 2005, rather 2006 and the one I produced. Outtake from Heartbreaker, my favorite Ryan Adams album. The “Grateful Dead” inspired Cardinals album from 2005. The best line I’ve heard about this song was from someone who said, “A song written by a man whose diet consisted of unfiltered Marlboro cigarettes and a fifth of jack daniels. ” While very true for the time I see it as a song about longing for change and desperately grasping at something that isn’t quite there. Honesty. For the first couple months of listening to this album I thought he said, “I’m sooo in love. . ” Therefore I construed a completely different feeling from this song than that which it was intended. Yes, I know the name of the song is taken from the chorus but I am a little slow. Cover of the classic 90’s song by Oasis. Hard to believe you can actually say that. The only problem I have with this song is the odd echo that the producer put on his voice. Arguably the most famous Ryan Adams song that was never released as a single. It has since gained more notoriety for being sung by other, more famous, groups and individuals including The Coors w/ Bono, some no name band for the TV show One Tree Hill, Tim McGraw and some dude from this season’s American Idol. Tenormin 100mg pills $262.00 the travesty being they credited the song on american idol to that of tim mcgraw. (For the record I spent a bit too much time on Wikipedia tonight and found this fact out there, not from actually watching that horrid show. ) . It’s rather creepy and in one scene it appears as if he is defecating on the ice ring while little ghost children watch from the trees. The song itself is beautiful but ultimately about pure heartbreak. The lyric “are you happy now?” connects perfectly with one of my all time favorite heartbreak songs by Nickel Creek, “Somebody More Like You”. “I hope you meet someone your height/so you can see eye to eye/with someone as small as you. ” Ryan is a little more subtle in his approach. I’m a sucker for anything written about the post-college, American male in their late tenormin 100mg pills $262.00 20’s. Obviously right in my wheelhouse. A song about growing older and reflecting on the late nights, drinking and women that have not necessarily been good for you. The “Into the ocean” crescendo at the end is a little too psychedelic but fitting for the tone and message of the song. I’m not saying I relate to the depressive nature of the song by any means but I completely relate to the reflective nature of “Night Birds. ” Another change of pace, an upbeat, glass is half full approach to song writing. I think about Heather a lot in this song after recent events. <3 I had no idea Ryan Adams fell into the “live recording” collectors set. Archive. com is a sit you are more apt to find the latest from Dave Matthews and Phish rather than a live show of Ryan Adams from last week in Kentucky. A fitting end to this non-comprehensive Ryan Adams mix post.

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