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First off, I wanted to thank Mike Panic again over at for the invite. I've not had a lot of time to browse yet but what I have seen it lives up to all the expectations. I also highly recommend his blog for all things random such as this. On to the music.

First off, this is DEFINITELY not safe for work if you don’t have headphones. You will know why in the first 2 seconds. This is also the first tadalis 10mg pills $305.00 non-music track I have put up here but not the last. You will know Patton Oswalt as the star of some movie with a cooking rat that is currently out. Obviously, this kind of humor was not put into that movie. I still always think of Patton Oswalt for his random appearances in Reno 911 as the Renaissance Fair attendee who is always getting arrested tadalis 10mg pills $305.00, good stuff.

The first rap track for a Friday mix. One of the best albums of 2006 and one that made me download a few old albums that I hadn’t listened to in a while. Coke rap in all its glory.

From the soon to be released Random Spirit Lover album. I would call this the “single” but do non-radio friendly albums really have singles? I guess it is an excuse to put out some limited edition colored vinyl and get the record dorks in a tizzy but other than that it seems like an antiquated idea. (I guess just like vinyl. OUCH!) Oh yeah, the track. I have really started to appreciate this and new album more than I ever did with “Shut Up I Am Dreaming”.

This will be on every hipsters Top 10 of 2007 album list along with The National – Boxer. The stand out track which feels a lot more airy than the actual tone and theme of the track intend. An interesting take on the inevitable “we’ve been a band now for x years and we are always touring so here is [tadalis 10mg pills $305.00] our album about being touring rock stars” album. Putting the whole rock star “thing” into a different light and not coming off as sounding preachy by any means.

I’ve decided I have to put up one country track per week. You NEVER see country tracks on mp3 blogs unless it is solely dedicated to country music. (I have yet to run into one of these so if anyone has any suggestions I’m open. ) I received the “” compilation set for my birthday and this is a track from the 70’s. I grew up listening to mostly 70’s and 80’s pop country and this was always a popular song. It’s very interesting how different you can view a song when it just clicks in someday as to what it is truly about.

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