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A low-power LED beams the content through a patented optical architecture onto two million microscopic mirrors, which shape and focus the picture and projects it safely onto the retina.

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“The holiday season can be a very stressful time, so think about giving directions, asking someone if they need help, or holding that elevator door over the next month,” Ansell adds

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"Loans, I suspect a lot of y'all can relate to

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He added that the "very specific" message mentioned explosive devices and an attack with assault rifles

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So its battery charges during the day from solar roof panels, then powers the home in the evening.

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“The deterrent is totally effective

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The Hunger Games beauty caused a stir on her arrival in a fabulous floor length dress by Elie Saab

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The court found that New York-based U.S

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Another defendant in the soccer investigation, suspended FIFA Vice President Juan Angel Napout, was scheduled to appear in the same court later on Tuesday

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The image was then enhanced using data from red, green and blue bands from VIIRS alongside chlorophyll data.

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"The safety (Reshad Jones) was getting low and got Odell on a slant

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Google Wallet, by most accounts, hasn't been a rip-roaring success after four years.

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cities, nine top cops have departed in the past 12 months, compared to an annual average of four over the prior decade

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