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New track from the new album Jhelli Beam speman 60 tablet bottle $114.00 by mile a minute rapper Busdriver. One of the songs with lyrics that actually are comprehendible and somewhat gripping.

Gang Gang Dance and Vampire Weekend members put this out (and feature Ezra Koenig here speman 60 tablet bottle $114.00, lead singer of VW) which I was initially very skeptical of. I’m a convert. This album “LP” is immediately addictive to the point of me listening to it 17 times since getting it last week. Autotune aplenty here but used in a way that makes it a tool rather than a crutch. I know it’s been the tool of choice as of late but non-the less it is not yet getting on my nerves despite what .

Tunde is the lead singer of TV on the Radio. This comes from the soundtrack to “Rachel Getting Married. ” The best I can say for him is to stick with TV on the Radio. It was quite possibly the most horrible piece of acting I’ve seen in a year or more. To call it forced would be the biggest understatement of this blog. That was until the scene in the movie when Sydney (Tunde) and Rachel are at the altar exchanging vows and he sings this Neil Young cover song a capella. He can sing and this song got to me. I’ve heard the Neil Young version several times but this really did something for me. The movie itself is best described as a book experience. Nothing really interesting happens in it and you are expected to sit through 1. 5 hours of character study. This isn’t all bad but it is exactly all good either. The song is top notch and definitely on the wedding playlist at this point.

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A true cowboy. Grew up riding broncs and then got into singing. Speman 60 tablet bottle $114.00 died 10+ years ago but was an inspiration (good or bad depending on who you ask) for garth brooks. This will also be at the wedding but a great song in and of itself.

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