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As you can read in previous posts a fair amount has happened since my last Friday Mix. One trip to Michigan, one trip serevent 25mcg inhaler $127.00 to Chicago, one trip to Greenbuild, one stolen Canon 20D camera, one stolen 24-70 f/2. 8 L lens, one new , back in OC for a week. Ahh, music.

My favorite R. E. M. song. Serevent 25mcg inhaler $127.00 i had no idea about the back story of this song involving a lunatic who mugged dan rather in ny and when questioned by interviewers he said, “kenneth, what’s the frequency?” r. E. M. liked it and went with it. Same as how mainstream radio picked up R. E. M. , liked it, and fed it to the masses during the mid-90’s. I’m not complaining as they are one of my favorite groups of the last 20 years. This track is taken from their recently released official Live album which is quite good. Most of the hits are there and the sound is impeccable.

The first rule of mix tapes/cds/mixes is you don’t put more than one song by the same artist on the playlist. Sure, we’ve all seen any number of excuses but you just don’t’ do it. There is always another song that will work just as well and therefore not make your mix null and void. In this case I had to go with Sufjan’s take on “The One I Love” originally recorded by R. E. M. It’s one of those songs that everyone knows and loves and thinks it’s so sweet and genuine. These people have never actually listened to anything besides the chorus. If they had they would see it is anything but a love song. Sufjan really doesn’t do anything but reinforce the sentiment everyone seems to get from this song with his muted acoustic take on the song. Nor does he provide any help when he starts out saying, “This one goes out to the one I love. . ” A great take on the song none the less and I guess ultimately music is art like anything else and is only as good as what people make of it. If you want to think this is a touching love song you can play at your wedding and disregard the “fire” sentiment, go right ahead and boogie on to some Top 40 R&B afterwards.

Sadly, another OiNK discovery. (BTW, if anyone has a or invite I would be GREATLY appreciative. ) Instrumental track of the week is also starting to be a regular here on the [serevent 25mcg inhaler $127.00] mix so this fulfills that requisite. Upbeat, fun, simple. I don’t know much else about this song or band.

I have a lot of songs in my iTunes library. Currently my desktop has 86GB and my laptop has 27GB. I usually sort songs by “date added” but somehow my iTunes library on my laptop became corrupt and I had to re-add everything in April of this year. Long story, somewhat shorter serevent 25mcg inhaler $127.00, I was playing a song this week and all of a sudden this song came on. I have no information as to who she is or where I managed to download this song. She has a great voice, nice and raspy, and the song writing is a little generic but not too bad. I’ve listened to it quite a few times and still enjoy it. I really wish that library wasn’t corrupt so I could tell something about why I downloaded this in the first place.

Combo track this week. Country and Christmas. I’m going to be posting at least one Christmas song from now until the last post of the year. This comes from the only Christmas album Dwight Yoakam has recorded in his career. It seems like every country musician in the modern era has managed to record a Christmas album as if it were a part of their contract. (Which it might be. ) This album doesn’t really catch me like I thought it would since it does involve two of my favorite things, Dwight and Christmas. This song is a little sad but a nice little song to get me thinking about The Season. Enjoy and get ready for many more.

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