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The playoffs began to look like a distant dream as the division, as horrible as it is, started to slip away.

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So in that kind of climate where they are pushing for what they call free trade, it’s totally unbalanced against us,” said Tandon.

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The minimum required number of days that must be taken: 15 on top of the 12 company holidays.

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In contrast, mouse lemurs, African green monkeys and mongoose lemurs have a REM portion over slightly over five percent, confirmed the release.

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The service structure for the Soyuz rocket has been removed ahead of the launch, as mission controllers confirm everything is going to plan

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But whenever we try to take a swing at “bad mothers” the blow lands on the children

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Burundi continues to condemn and denounce it,” Burundi’s presidential media adviser, Willy Nyamitwe, told Reuters.

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Vasilyev, a teacher of the Krasnoyarsk Aerospace Academy, constructed the self-made water skis to travel on the water surface

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The truth is, as we were taught as medical students, patients should be given the information in a timely fashion and in a way that they can process

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Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu called it the "best response to those who are trying to associate terror and Islam."

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