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However most people claiming tax credits are likely to be working part-time.
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Yet Rubio alone has been the focus of the group's paid advertising
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Rescue workers look for belongings of victims from a bus after an explosion onboard as it was moving on Saryab road in Quetta, Pakistan, October 19, 2015
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Duncan Hunter wrote Tuesday to Defense Secretary Ash Carter.
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"Many people are living with host families and in the informal settlements in areas west of the city," said Vanessa Huguenin, a spokeswoman for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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Thanks to Glasgow’s success, these players have a level of self-confidence that could be the basis for our resurgence
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The Coke transaction adds a new low to a classic Latin American stock-market tradition whereby controlling shareholders cash out at huge premiums, shafting minority investors
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actor Richard Gere testifies before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission hearing \"Tibet & China: Searching for New Way Forward\" on July 14, 2015, on Capitol Hill.
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In a March report by the Edison Electric Institute, the utility trade group found that 46 percent of $47.9 billion of U.S
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He only put the knife down after the grandmother called police, cops said.
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Many different issues related to diet, exercise, frailty, genetic factors, and weight change could play a part," they added.
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“When I was a kid, all I did was train
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It's too early to know if El Nino caused intense storms in California over the last few days that unleashed flooding and mudslides that inundated roads, homes and vehicles
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And somehow, weirdly, it’s like being born a second time.
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But damaging sunscreen from beach-goers is just part of the concern
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“We believe in people being able to meet their potential, fulfil their aspirations, no matter where they come from in life,” he says.
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prosecutors will likely have made some moves of their own
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Previously, other companies could also track you using Verizon's supercookies; that's now more difficult
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We need to have our roads running and our ports functioning because that's how we make our money.'"
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Police are unsure if this is the first fancy pad he has crashed, or if he has stolen from other high-priced homes
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Keep ’em coming.” The original title stayed, and today Sheinberg denies that he ever thought his mooted title was a good idea
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2, 1957 against the Boston Bruins.
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officials blamed North Korean hackers, wiped out massive amounts of data and led to the online distribution of email, sensitive employee data and pirated copies of new movies.
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How do you qualify for that? Do you have to have a conviction for rape? Is it just that there’s a claim for rape? It is completely unrealistic.
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However, the cosmos is vast and we don't really have any idea which bits of it are actually habitable
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A 4-0 thrashing of Maccabi Tel Aviv represents their only Champions League win of the season, and a positive result tonight is vital in terms of building both their domestic and European form.
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Vintage Sehwag: see ball, hit ball
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One of Mr Trudeau's most eye-catching policies during the campaign was his promise to legalise marijuana
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They get their pension benefits from cash-strapped funds that are now, for the first time, allowed to make cuts to current retirees' pension checks.
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Arsenal are backing away from him and forming a weird shield in front, but his passing is so good that he just pings it wherever he wants, strolls forward and then gets it back again
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Powell published a book last month, “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen” where she detailed some two dozen parties she organized for McGee
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The humor prize honors those who influence society in the tradition of Samuel Clemens, the writer and satirist known as Mark Twain
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Life experience has shown me that being yourself and confident in what is yours naturally can be very sexy, too."
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“Demand has also increased as investors seek a safe store of value either because they have become more risk averse or regulation requires them to hold more high quality assets.”
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Pentagon data show the last batch of F-35 A-model jets cost$108 million each, although that price is slated to drop to $85million by 2018
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"We need to move away from coal and Grain Belt Express provides a way to do that."
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But if there is ever a good time for an injury to strike, this was it for Keith and the Hawks
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Blood vessels in the brain have specific properties that regulate what gets in and out of the brain
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"You just have to pay for your food and your entry to any tourist things you want to go see." Meals often consisted of muesli, one-pot pastas or chili and sandwiches prepared on the road
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A half adjustment was sometimes used in New Zealand in the first half of the 20th century
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She didn’t wash it for a week.”
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The evening’s most emotional tribute came from “Saturday Night Live” alum Tracy Morgan, who received a standing ovation from the audience
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Instead, owners had to put the clock forward by 11 hours when Summer Time came to an end
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We’ve known for some time how Dolan and Thomas feel about the jury’s verdict
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"Significant additional restructuring actions" will beannounced in the fourth quarter, Chief Executive Greg Hayes toldanalysts on a conference call
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Every flu season is different, and influenza infection can affect people differently
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