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Two very different players who occupy a similar space - both can be used as second strikers but Muller is a scorer of goals and Ozil a creator.

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This appears to be the method that Saba used to determine the price of the McClatchy bonds in question.

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Cech dives for the cross but mis controls and puts it behind for another corner

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Wait until a nearby enemy is yellow before you hit them

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It’s certainly more original than the endless reruns of “Serpico” that Dolan’s network airs all summer long.

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"These cases should receive rehabilitation opportunities, social support and care, and not punishment."

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Both networks are related to emotion and have been associated with ADHD and autism

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Ultimately, the plan is to return these corals back onto the damaged reefs they came from so they can interbreed with the wild coral

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Britain was the top destination for Chinese money in 2014, with $5.1 billion in investment, according to law firm Baker & McKenzie

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“She had a life now.”

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By contrast, the richest 10% stand to lose less than 400

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He's also a game-changer on special teams with two punt returns for a touchdown

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Maybe it's already been suppressed so it can't be a topic of conversation later.

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They had proved in all their Pool games that they could keep going for 80 minutes and they certainly did that again

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As Adam Rittenberg of chronicled, Nassib came to Penn State in 2011 under-sized and under-recruited.

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Here are some of the hidden highlights.

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“It’s a very nice result which the whole party has ground out, with a big effort all over the canton of Graubunden

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Russia also deployed ground troops and land-based weaponry, including multiple-launch rocket systems, in support of the Syrian government.

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Essentially, it allows the bulk of money to remain invested

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Look at McGowan as he \"evades\" one final Jayhawk defender in the video above

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I think at this point myself and my mother both knew I had breast cancer

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He is scheduled to meet later Tuesday with the head of Iraq's Kurdish regional government, President Massoud Barzani and other government leaders

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Statistics suggest 27m people play it every day with around 7.5m people play it simultaneously at its peak hours of popularity.

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3 by prosecutors who argue that he should have been convicted of murder, not culpable homicide.

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The fight against gender-based violence was a passion of Reeva's and she was due to speak about it on the day of her death," Koen told Reuters.

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The 1980’s that was 30 years ago

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Perhaps a psychologist rather than an economist might be better placed to make predictions.

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They read: “Don’t vote for Ho Chi Chin,” playing off Ho Chi Minh, the one-time communist president of Vietnam.

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It is said to be between 800 and 1,000 years old and can produce 150,000 acorns in a year

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Battles over the placement of power lines are an emerging problem for the U.S

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The study authors argue the early Earth was apparently more hospitable than thought

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A slight breeze can send the material floating through the air

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Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

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She repeatedly spoke of "fibrocystic disease", indicating that her doctor at home had often reassured her that this was the cause of an initial lump.

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30, 400 more than a year ago, but cut total staff costs to $1.44 billion in the quarter from $1.48 billion a year earlier, reflecting the impact of a stronger U.S

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During IVF, an egg is removed from the woman's ovaries and fertilised with sperm in a laboratory

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But Baba's rather disastrous day out means that Zouma has been called in to play on the right hand side, which of course means that the Spainard is shunted out to the left again.

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When sending us pictures, video or eyewitness accounts at no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws

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The fund must stop paying any lump sums to new retirees and restrict benefit increases or contribution cuts

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“I’m certainly happy I was able to do something that was of use,” he recalled

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On SNL, though, political humor is a two-way street

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