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"We will not be able to deliver all of the orders coming from customers in the remainder of the year," spokesman Roar Trangbaek told Reuters

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28, and to pay a$2.05 billion amortization on the PDVSA 2017 bond.

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Petersen said Tuesday at an emotional news conference.

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Despite massive asset buying by the ECB, the eurohas gained nearly 5 percent versus the dollar over the lastthree months.

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A family friend who works in the breast clinic happened to be delivering the news

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15, vandals spray-painted the disturbing anti-cop message across a mural by artistVincent Wood on an exterior wall at the police department's new building in Garner

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On the way back downstairs she meets the tenant, a young man in a hoodie whose teeth are stained yellow and brown

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"I told him my opinion: I thought he should go, but to follow his own instincts."

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Despite the furore George Osborne has faced whenever his axe hovers over the benefits bill, most Britons are on his side

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The UNODC has been under pressure for some time to make a clear statement with regard to decriminalisation of drug possession and use

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Through six games, Cardinal running back Christian McCaffrey has nearly as many carries (130) and 844 yards

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Britain followed suit a month later on May 21.

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I have to say that with all the background dancers being dressed so similarly to both Tamar and Val, it's hard to pick her out sometimes

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Susan Waserman, professor of medicine in the clinical immunology and allergy division at McMaster University.

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Total operating revenuerose 5 percent to $33.16 billion, beating analysts' expectationsof $32.94 billion.

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This category ofpermits also included a submarine deal with Israel.

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The most popular suit across the globe is black, although best sellers are often topical, such as current favourite Stormtroopers.

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27 when an allegedly impaired driver, Marco Muzzo, slammed into a minivan carrying them and their grandparents in Vaughan, Ontario, according to local reports.

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And if I get drenched, I promise not to complain about Desmond.

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More than 71 million shares changed hands on U.S

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Ackman oversees roughly $16.5 billionin assets, down from roughly $20 billion earlier this year.

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The most recent fire was discovered on Sunday morning at the Ebenezer Lutheran Church on Theobald Street, the St

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"And at that time member statesrejected to fund the recommendations."

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Make sure to discuss these symptoms with your doctor.

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Those of us who’ve had our identity compromised, our personal info stolen, our privacy invaded, and our credit destroyed – can just suck balls

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I was going to tell them why feminism fails

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“He’s cheating in right now and when he gets a pitch, he’s not missing it," the scout said

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She said: "Figures published today are three percentage points higher than the same week last year, but there is still more to be done to improve and maintain performance as we head towards winter.

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In addition to the traditional smartphone colors of gray, sliver and gold, it also comes in garnet red.

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Points will be offered for enagegment through the likes of its recently launched #asseenonme platform.

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"Once he leaves that house and I'm not with him, it's his life and how he approaches it is his decision

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Ballet dancer Wayne Sleep (L) and book dealer George Lawson pose in front of "George Lawson and Wayne Sleep" by David Hockney at Tate Britain in London, October 19, 2015

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If you want to make up rumours, try and make them up for players in positions where we don't have so many.”

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25 referendum to allow President Denis Sasou N'Guesso, 71, to run for another term.

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The 30,000-circulation daily paper responded with a storyand an editorial headlined "Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter,Kirby Delauter" that used his full name 25 times

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Damage caused by tree roots could be an issue, but would not give your neighbour the right to cut down your tree.

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The privately-owned al-Sumaria satellite channel showed troops firing into the air in celebration near demolished buildings

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“In the coming days we will determine what support they will need.”

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She added: “David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, political leaders and activists from every party: if you really want women to fulfil their potential, then take on these policies

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Despite these warnings, the government has been too slow to respond."

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Reg Prentice (1977) became a Thatcher minister, Shaun Woodward (1999) a Labour one

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Meanwhile, Chief Executive Marissa Mayer said the spinoff of Aabaco Holdings is a top priority

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