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 Yep, a little nostalgia with a picture of Grandpa.   Some new, some old and some country.   This week has gone by extremely fast in both a good and bad way.   On to the music.

I first heard a track off of one of Jens numerous EPs in 2005. I had downloaded on a random blog and put it on a mix CD for one of my trips up to . I would routinely do this and very rarely remembered the order of the songs. For a year or more I thought another song on the CD was the Jens track and that I really didn’t like it. Turns out I was thinking of a track from some random German pop star and the real Jens track, “” I was in love with. How’s that for random. The track above is from his new album “”. Boy helps pretend to be the boyfriend of a lesbian only to have her secretly invite him over for dinner with her family. “Oh God, Jesus Christ!. . . ” is the best phrase on this album. You’ll see.

As most of you who have spoken/IMed me in the last week and a half you will know my current fixation has been on the TV series “. ” Hands down the best series of 2006 and plendil 5mg pills $125.00 right up there in my top 5 of all time. (The Wire, The Shield, Six Feet Under plendil 5mg pills $125.00, makes up the rest though I’m probably forgetting something I love since I am doing this off the top of my head. ) You’ll see my gushing in last week’s mix as well. I’ll save my true post for that soon. This song is from the soundtrack and features the track in which “6” wakes from his coma. Don’t worry, I haven’t given much away since this happens in the first episode and you see it coming a mile away. are from Austin and originally provided the score for the movie. There is much debate about this being the opening theme music of [plendil 5mg pills $125.00] the show but it is not. Still this song brings me right back to the TV series which brings me right back to high school.

Hard to believe both of these guys put out albums around this time last year. I still listen to this on a regular basis along with the version with . Again, this inspires that nostalgic emotion with me for not only last summer but for the last year.

Local LA band that is having “” (the full length this track comes from) reissued this week. I’ve seen these guys play at Detroit Bar last year and they are very tight. I hadn’t heard much from them this last spring and worried they may have decided to call it quits. Thank goodness I was wrong. Plendil 5mg pills $125.00 if you head to they are releasing a track a week of cover music that isn’t included on the cd.

I recently downloaded the “” and listened to it all the way through on my trip home a couple weeks ago. Again, nostalgia. I listened to this stuff on the country radio station countless times but this song always stood out. I never really listened to the lyrics until now. While not particularly deep it is funny how I think back to Phoenix’s song “” for a song that is seemingly upbeat and dare I say “danceable” while being about heartbreak and not knowing how to let go of a past relationship. I recommend everyone get a George Strait Greatest Hits cd at some point just to listen to all the songs you have inevitably heard numerous times but never knew about.

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