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No one now considers California a hot bed of country music by any means. Back in the 40-60’s though it very much was the West coast answer to Nashville. Buck Owens pioneered the “” that became quite popular in the 1960s after this single reached 24 on the Billboard Charts in 1959. On first listen you may group it with and some of the country singers from the 40’s and 50’s but it is much more refined if you listen repeatedly. This is arguably THE song that defines country music pre-1975 before country took a more pop sound and bloomed on the radio.

Major label deal with only an EP to his name. . Major movie stars in his first music video. Appeared in Walk the Line as Roy Orbison. I would say etc. etc. etc. but really that is about it. This is the single from his yet to be released, and yet to be leaked, full length which comes out later this year. Whenever I think I won’t hear anything else original coming from the “singer songwriter” vein of music I find someone like this who changes my mind.

My favorite track off of “” which came out this week and only leaked 3 days early. One of s only showcase pieces on the album, which is a shame. I love Jenny Lewis but their previous albums always gave Blake a little larger role than this. By the next album who knows. In any event lyrica 150mg pills $160.00, very much “Rilo Kiley” jangle guitar work that makes you really feel like you lyrica 150mg pills $160.00 are in a “Dreamworld. ” Haha, hoho. Basically a “snap out of it” [lyrica 150mg pills $160.00] kind of song.

Continuing the California artists post with another local LA band. They have been making the rounds a lot as of late having toured early in the summer with the National. They played a show in OC earlier this year that was great and really do make a case for some good music coming out of the underground scene in LA. One of my favorite songs for the current month.

True LA underground. “” has been getting a lot of pub recently with the release of this album considering it graces the cover. I first heard about the Smell around this time last year. (who is becoming a staple of this Friday Mix as I seem to reference him every week. ) played his only LA appearance here last October and I unfortunately had to miss it. Just coming back from Alex’s 30th birthday cruise didn’t lend itself well for me to drive up to LA and see a show that same night. Heather has been to this club previously and said it is definitely an experience. Sorry for the off track moment there. This might be a little too much in the “noise” realm for some but it is by no means so don’t worry. Your ears probably won’t bleed after hearing this. Probably.

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