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I Piss Excellence!

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To preserve wealth over multiple generations, business decisions must move from the family’s kitchen table to the office’s boardroom
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“We stopped working around 7 in the evening
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The takeaway: even as an adult, you're not immune to teenage-status condom errors
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This ad by German chain Edeka sees an elderly man fake his own death to bring his family together for the festive period
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The rule change will now only require a candidate to wait five calendar years as opposed to five seasons
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In addition, they reported that a 50-year-old woman said she did "'not mind when my lovely cat' slept on her chest and another described her cat as 'soothing.'"
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Only the Philippines will let you visit a tiny 400m-long scrap of land called Pagasa
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Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia in February but returned to loyalist-held Yemen last month.
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"Currently, every Muslim country is fighting terrorism individually..
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After struggling with her own eating disorder, she hopes her photography can provide others with confidence in their own skin.
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Liberty Media announcedlast month the creation of tracking stocks for Sirius XM and the Atlanta Braves baseball, creating pure-play investments for those assets
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Beckham and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton are the two most dynamic and electrifying players in the league
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"As Secretary (of Defense Ash) Carter has stated, the United States will fly, sail or operate anywhere international law allows," he told Reuters.
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Another man ended up peeling shrimp there after breaking free from an equally brutal factory.
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It might even have absconded with the videotapes.
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Say what you will about the Steelers but theyve never intentionally tried to end anybody's season or career
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"I'm Bringing Sexist Back" was trending, a play on Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack."
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