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The 4th of July is upon us and with it brings me out of the office and into the sun.   You really have to appreciate the wonders of the internet when I can post this a day early and have it not get posted until the next day.   Yeah, I know there are much cooler things online than this but I’m just going to try and be content with little things such as post dating blog posts.   I’ll save the cancer research and online Sudoku for you fancy types.   Happy Birthday as well to this Friday Mix series.   She turned one a couple weeks ago and like a normal [glucophage 850mg pills $156.00] 20 something year old parent I forgot to make note of this. Glucophage 850mg pills $156.00   happy birthday darlin, we love you very, very much.  


One of the best summer songs of 2008 that hasn’t officially been released yet.   I still say that the will catch on one of these days and take that title.   I guess I would actually have to listen to the radio to find out if this is true or not.   For the record, I actually do listen to the radio quite a bit.   It just so happens that it is always on a, dare I say it, sports talk station.   Yes, I understand how ultimately trivial sports talk radio is and how it is filled with some of the lowest common denominators of society.   I like to forget all that stuff and instead focus on what potential trades are out there to solidify the middle of the Angel’s batting order or if this crazy is ever going to actually come about.   You know, stuff that REALLY matters.


I have yet to get sick of this song or album.   I currently play this song at least once a day and have been since sometime in April.   This is my defacto “going out on Friday night” warm up song.   Nothing better than listening to this while drinking an energy drink, trust me. NOTHING.  


I’m not a girl so I have never gotten heavily into Nina Simone but this song really reminds me of summer.   Take it how you like.  


I really didn’t include this song just because the title has the word “summer” in it, promise.   The beat and harmony are very upbeat and really get me thinking about a nice beach day in Newport.   Then you settle in and listen to the lyrics. Not so much.   I usually don’t associate killing my girlfriend/wife with the happy and upbeat summer months.   Obviously these guys do and more power to them if they are going to continue to put out quality tracks such as this.   Oh yeah, Conan Obrien also loves them.   That’s got to be worth a couple packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. (Since it isn’t free anymore it is actually worth money are thus that was a proper analogy)


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His grandson really needs to get out of the courts and into the streets.   I have been waiting for new Hank III since last summer and it is infuriating to know it is done, finished, pressed, and ready to go but has all this legal garbage behind it.   I’m also sad there isn’t a bigger underground country scene on the internet that could get this leaked like they can for seemingly every other release out there these days.   Yes glucophage 850mg pills $156.00, this has nothing to do with Hank Williams but it seems to be more fun to write about.  

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