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Before I head out for the weekend I had to post a few quick Easter songs.   I felt I had to diversify my hipster blog from everyone else who is posting the hot new Pitchfork Recommended track of the week. Fosamax 10mg pills $143.00 enjoy these offerings from gene autry (original owner of my anaheim angels) and perry como (ask your grandparents).  

Gene has an interesting voice that is more of that say/sing variety.   I like it and appreciate these tracks.   Others find it grating and would rather listen to a local art/noise band.   I will choose a mash up of the two.   This is the least traditional Easter song of the three and probably created in 5 minutes after waking up from a hang over.  

A more traditional offering that I remember from random Easter morning Disney channel cartoons that they can’t seem to put on DVD for me to remenise with.   The fosamax 10mg pills $143.00 one I’m really looking for is branded with the “PAAS” characters which are more familiar to the cheap Easter egg dye you buy at the grocery store.   How these guys were deemed deserving of a 30 min animated feature fosamax 10mg pills $143.00, I’ll never know but I want it.  

This is the more traditional Easter song that your grandparents are sure to associate with Easter. (Along with Easter bonnets and Easter clothes. ) Now Easter is pretty much just another excuse for JC Penny’s to hold a “Late Night Friday” and “Early Bird Saturday” clothing sale that all the house wives clamor for.   I hope this helps get you in the spirt and you dye a few eggs tomorrow night and wake up to [fosamax 10mg pills $143.00] some great candy from the Easter bunny.   Oh yeah, and go to church you heathens! 

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