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Every year I say I’m going to buy my SXSW badge in September and make the trek to Austin. I never do it. Maybe that will change this year…or not. With that in mind, I’m still here in sunny Southern California blogging about a rather eclectic mix of new and old tunes. [feldene 20mg pills $80.00] Hoping to get out next Friday to the to see .

Tokyo Police Club – Your English is Good (Link removed at Saddle Creek's request)

From the soon to be released . I still find it hard to believe they didn’t have a full length album until now. Without throwing around words that really don’t mean a lot (yes, I’m well aware that I use them too. ) they have put together a very nice indie pop album which I will play on repeat for quite some time and then lose interest in. Seeing them live really didn’t do anything for me. Their energy is hard to describe other than it appears as if they are as nervous as a college freshman in a beginning speech class. They have their instruments to hide behind and put on what you would expect a rock show to include but they have absolutely no in between song banter. (For the record, I measure just about all “between song banter” against who is the master in my mind. If for no other reason than his 2 minute rant about how meaningless encores are and how he wouldn’t be doing one. ) My opinion obviously doesn’t transcend the masses as they are playing two sold out shows in a row at the Troubadour next week so what do I know?

This one completely caught me off guard. Feldene 20mg pills $80.00 stunningly from two seemingly opposite front (wo)men. I know is using this in a commercial so I am obviously a little late to the party but this is a damn good party. The pedal steel is evident on virtually every song and the vocals balance surprisingly well.

I had to include something for my favorite new inductee to the . Sure, feldene 20mg pills $80.00 it’s one of his bigger songs and sure, it was used in American Gangster but it is a great song. Especially powerful in our current society as much so feldene 20mg pills $80.00, if not more so, than in the original time of inception.

A great find. I knew very little about until I was sent this CD. I know she probably wouldn’t like the title but she has some very good 70’s/80’s country music on this album. Heart felt narratives as well as the jilted lover who is looking to say “F U” one last time. The steel guitar is here and really makes this. I think she is labeled more under the “alt-country” title only because I doubt she is played heavily on modern country radio. (Of course she isn’t considering country as she writes her own music and doesn’t hail from Nashville and write songs about tractors being sexy. ) This is a fun track if for no other reason than she gives a shout out to both Wayne Gretzky and Marty McSorley. Hence solidifying the fact that she is Canadian.

This is the “official” country song of the week. I had to go back to a song I LOATHED growing up as they seemingly played it every 2 hours on the radio. (Knowing what I know now, they probably DID play it every 2 hours. ) Quintessential 80’s country radio hit. Great hook, solid instrumental and steel guitar just so you know it is “country”. Other prerequisites met include 1) scorned by a woman 2) divorce 3) Texas. I’ve listened to it constantly at work this week so as to get that same feeling I had back in 89.

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