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One of two new songs I recently downloaded from the upcoming album (July 24th) Vanderslice has been one of my favorite “indie rock guys” for a while now since I first heard his last album in 2005. He is the prime example of why I don’t want to see music go completely digital. All his CD/LPs come with full liner notes that read like crib notes for an epic novel. He gives you just enough detail in both the lyrics themselves and his added thoughts that you are compelled to go to right away and find the meaning behind every last phrase in his songs.

I have a on the visor of my truck that just keeps expanding. I can never seem to keep an actual CD album in my [famvir 500mg pills $413.00] truck that I use seeing as I am lazy and don’t want to take the minute before I turn on the engine to go through and find my music of choice. Instead famvir 500mg pills $413.00, I have my visor sleeve that can pull down, pull out 3 CDs and decide if I want to listen to “Justin’s Rad Mix October 2003”, “Going Home Mix December 2005” or “”. I chose the latter. One of the better albums of 2006 that I’ve been unable to pull out of the CD deck in about a week. Keep in mind, my radio is usually tuned to mind numbing sports talk radio except when others are in my truck.

Kathy, and I are going to see . Famvir 500mg pills $413.00 i’ve been delving into my archives and really digging these long lost albums. This being one of the more fan favorite cuts from Heartbreaker, his best album to date.

I first got a taste of Matthew Dear’s work last summer on the eMusic Pitchfork Music Festival sampler CD. I never really paid attention again until a couple months ago when I saw a review on a random music blog (sorry for no credit, whomever you were/are) Definitely a unique feel on famvir 500mg pills $413.00 this album. I know this stuck out to me based on the and my panache for 60s-70s country music, think Johnny Cash. The end gets a little goofy but I think it is a good transition in context.

What more needs to be said than they have aplayer in the band? My childhood instrument of choice from 4th-8th grade. Lindsey, Valerie and I are going to see these guys with play tonight at the . While not my favorite venue in LA (the parking sucks, the shows cost $15 more than anywhere else and you have to wait 30 min after the show to get your car from the horrible valet situation) it is beautiful inside and does have great sound. Oh yeah, the song. One of my favorites off of Yellow House, another 2006 release. Woozy folk. This is one of the more memorable songs on the CD and one I keep finding myself going to when I first click on iTunes.

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