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But things wouldn't have been so rosy for Aveva, says O'Connor: "After the deal Aveva investors would have put up with Aveva driving a deep operational change - its own poor operational backdrop (i.e

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Hudson's injuries occurred,” said Martin Farran, director of adult social care.

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Both the winners and runners-up might also have life expectancies that differ from ordinary citizens.

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El Nihanges the jet stream high above, and the jet stream changes the weather down below.

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Soccer bosses from South and Central America, including Callejas and Napout, were among 16 people charged on Dec

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Researchers counted nearly 200 of these other whales in years past

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It helped them push the boundaries of their disciplines by giving them a tool that could crunch numbers faster than they could ever manage.

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This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD and their vindication from me, declares the LORD." -Isaiah 54:17 Today I need your annointing more than ever

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Tesco makes its generic ibuprofen silver to match the Nurofen packaging

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These are the exact words i spoke outloud as I turn my keys to start my vehicle on Dec 10 2015 8:30 am

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As a naturalized American from India, I have always been both amused and bemused by the American romance with guns

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"None of us would be here tonight without the miraculous creation of one man

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The rupee breached the psychological threshold of 67 to the dollar on Tuesday

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The conditions they described inside were horrific: A woman eight months pregnant miscarried on the shed floor and was forced to keep peeling for four days while hemorrhaging

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The rationale was that such support does not have any ”trade-distorting’ effect, whereas WTO disciplines target only those that have such effect

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The Bank of England estimates that the contribution volunteering makes to the country's economy is at least 50bn ($75bn) and could be as much as 100bn

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A patchwork of new and old terrains — some laid down in the last 10 million years, some as old as the planet itself — blanket the ground

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