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Enjoy the start of summer.  

Summer officially begins this weekend. (By official I mean it is the first official, unofficial day of Summer come Monday. ) I just felt like throwing a Phoenix track in here and I’m upset they haven’t come out with anything new in a couple years.

Luckily the Hold Steady are putting out something new in the next couple months.   I wondered what this record may sound like but I’m happy to report it sounds as good as .   In listening to this song I still wonder if it is really a necessary detail to describe the satellite radio or if it is what gives the band their charm.  

cymbalta 20mg pills $154.00] Arial">I was waiting for the second album to finally be announced and little did I know it had and the band just decided to go by Titus Andronicus this go around.   Ok, that’s a bold faced lie but you will admit the first thing you hear when the vocals scream out cymbalta 20mg pills $154.00, “FUCK YOU” is Conor Oberst.   The rest of the album is not as angular and full of distant vocals as the opening of this track so don’t get too scared off by that approach.  

My favorite sound effect in this remix is the “shrinking Mario” sound about 20 seconds’ in. 8-bit Nintendo effects at their best.   I would say the Crystal Castles are going to be huge but I can’t really imagine they cymbalta 20mg pills $154.00 will be based on how much of a niche this sound really is.   They do it well but how long can you go about this style of music and have it be something that will be relevant in 5 years?  Ok, I realize there is a lot of music that I enjoy right now that you might not consider relevant in even 2 months so I’ll stop talking about this subject now.  

“With good earthily music singing into my head!”  I love this line to no end right now.   Coming off his recently released “ album.   I’ve immediately taken more to this album than “”.   There are a number of more upbeat (true in music alone mostly) songs on this album and it makes for a nice country tinged album and track in this case.  

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