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Back in the swing of things at work. This week really didn’t feel like the first “Christmas” week for some reason. Probably because it is completely contained within the month of November and some scrooges just can’t do Christmas in November. This weekend should kick things into full gear though with a number of Christmas specials and events going on.

I’m a little late to the party on Burial. I had one other track from his previous release in iTunes that I remember liking but don’t know where it came from. This entire album (Untrue ) feels like one extended track and is some of the best “chill” music I have come across this year. I’ve listened to this album now at work 3-4 times this week alone and will continue to do so. It doesn’t require a lot of thought but one shouldn’t construe that as a negative in this sense. The back story on Burial is also rather interesting because there isn’t one. He doesn’t grant interviews and says he wants the music to speak for itself and that people get too tied up with the artists when the music should come through more. I respect that to no end.

These guys are getting a lot of blogger love as of late. I’m a little late to the party but like what they are doing. (When I say “late to the party” I mean I’m only reviewing it probably a month before the release date the way blogs go these days. ) Similar in respect to Animal Collective and I guess a little Grizzly Bear but it is definitely a unique creation. I’m not sure about the staying power of this track or any others off the album but it is one of the better experiments I’ve heard in music this year. I guess you could say it is a fitting follow up in some ways to last week’s .

I think Mr. Oldham is now in the lead for the most music on The Looking Back. This coming from his new release of covers, “”. I love that album title as it is something we seemingly reference every week in the office. The old cliché, “it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission” which is often times so true in my line of work. Landscape architecture aside, this is a cover of an old song by . I’m not familiar with his work but he is apparently a very well known and respected Nashville legend. I find this album much more approachable for people who have yet to get into any of Will Oldhams previous 2. 3 million recordings. (Yes, that is a confirmed number from my calculations. )

This is in place of [cipro 1000mg pills $369.00] a country track this week. It still fulfills the original premise I had when I started posting a country song a week. Those songs all are part of my upbringing to some degree. Many had the Rolling Stones and the Beatles; I had George Strait and Lori Morgan. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers goes back to the summer of 1993 when I first heard their album. You know the one with “Last Dance with Mary Jane” on it. I first heard it on the way to a week long camping trip with my cousin’s family. We probably listened to this tape 20 times for some reason. I don’t know if it was because I heard it that many times or what but I was hooked. It could have easily gone the other way but luckily it didn’t. cipro 1000mg pills $369.00

From the cipro 1000mg pills $369.00, favorite Christmas movie of all time. Cipro 1000mg pills $369.00 until this movie i never liked this song. Zoe Daschanel doesn’t really do anything new with the song, other than sing it naked in a shower. I would have preferred they included another take on this where you actually hear Will Ferrell come in at the end but I guess that will be a wish I have to ask Santa for.

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