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Sorry, I took a brief summer break last weekend from the Friday Mix.   Back with some good stuff that will remind you that Fall is just around the corner.   (Please, I’m tired of this humidity. And yes, I know I live in California and this is nothing but I’m still going to complain. )



I needed a little bit of upbeat bloghouse music this week to get me through some deadlines and projects.   This seemed to fit the bill quite well off of the mix by Simian Mobile Disco.



See note above.   I really can’t wait for this album to come out to get my bubble gum pop album of the year award ready to go.  



This is M83’s latest single from 80’s nostalgia is what you are required to mention if you post anything off of this album but I just get more of a M83 feel for it.   Very distinct sound from everything he has done that I have heard minus the ambient album he put out last year which accomplished what it was supposed to do with me, putting me to sleep.  



There is one thing about growing up listening to Country music that I regret today.   I rarely know the cover songs bands play in concert if they are anything other than songs of the last 15-20 years.   70’s rock, no clue. 80’s rock cipralex 20mg pills $142.00, maybe but likely, no.   60’s rock, umm…no! When I heard Glen Campbell was coming out with an all cover album I assumed it was a way to try and cash in (pardon the pun) on a certain other iconic Country musician.   When I then saw the track listing and saw “Walls” I was very excited.   This was originally a Tom Petty song from the soundtrack to (yeah, no one saw this movie. ) [cipralex 20mg pills $142.00] but the soundtrack was very good.   I remember watching MTV during the summer of 96’ while waiting for football practice to start.   They made a reference to this album coming out in August and I was immediately on the phone with Wherehouse Music (remember those?) in Atascadero to see if they were getting it in and when.   So it was a pleasant surprise last year when I read reports and saw youtube clips of in concert last year.   A song I can finally cheer about when they play a cover as an encore.



I attended a friend’s wedding last weekend at the in Agora Hills.   Little did I know this was actually a movie set for various Western’s that have been released in the last 50 years.   One such filming was the .   This is one of Buck’s bigger cover songs (Per Aging Child's comment this WAS an original song performed by Buck) and was even covered by Dwight on his album from last year.   Or would it be Dwight Sings Buck Sings Ringo Sings The Beetles?  (edit: Again, this is an original Buck Owens song. Thanks for the tips, AC!)

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