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The dollar rose for a fifth day.

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"Youth with mood disorders are not yet widely recognised as a group at increased risk for excessive and early heart disease

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But the report warned the rise may be so gradual that investors will still reach for yield in riskier debt.

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Then you get there and it's an alcohol related call."

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Over this time period, female billionaires outpaced their male peers, with their ranks and wealth growing at faster rates

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Jaxon's story was shared across the world after he defied doctors' expectations and celebrated his first birthday in August

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It was an amazing view," he said.

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So, if nothing else, I know people will enjoy watching their performances," he said.

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In other accounts, Cruz has said his father immigrated with $100 sewn into his underwear.

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But when I look at the developments over the last two years, then I actually think that it will happen faster

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In 2015, NASA spent about $3 billion on ISS operations, which amounts to 20% of its entire budget

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Many companies, starting with web services, have had an open approach for the first few years before switching to a closed model.

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“I’m tired of political bulls-it.”

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Supply chains are so complicated that, on any given day, buyers may not know exactly where the shrimp comes from.

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In a review of some 6,200 drugs completed earlier this year, only about 40 percent were considered ready for approval by a government-appointed committee

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Alex Smith just isn’t likely to throw for enough yards or touchdowns to be fantasy relevant

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