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Ascendant parties, in the form of the pro-reform Citizens' movement (Ciudadanos) and anti-austerity Podemos, will complicate the business of coalition forming

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The battery powered Model S P85D was recently lauded by the magazine's editors for racking up the best scores ever in its performance tests

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The favourable supply/demand balance at the moment could reverse for reasons way beyond the powers of governments and central banks to control

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"When you put it out there, it makes things easier for everyone

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And some (on both sides of the aisle) regard Ryan as perhaps the only Republican who can lead the incendiary tinderbox which doubles as the House of Representatives these days.

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Zhou, when asked of the difference between Beijing and London, said: “Many gentlemen in London

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The second major caveat is that the coal world is becomingincreasingly split between Asia, where there are perhaps a fewpositive signs, and the Atlantic basin, which remains mired inthe doldrums.

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In Benghazi, Libyan army forces have been battlingarmed factions led by Islamic extremist commanders for months.

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I wanted to give my baby the best possible chance

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She scores high in all popularity polls before regional elections in December and is hoping to win votes in the context of Europe's migrant crisis — what she calls a "migratory submersion."

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Julianne says it was a true reinvention of the original

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The EU and China have already clashed over the alleged dumping of products ranging from wine to solar panels to steel pipes.

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His insights on the game were insightful and clear

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Same goes for any other kind of protection insurance - like critical illness cover or income protection.

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Chelsea pinch the ball back eventually, but when they do the man to lead their charge forward is Hazard, and he slips over as he races toward Kiev’s final third

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Not what is best for all stakeholders," said John Schroer, who leads healthcare stock coverage at Allianz Global Investors.

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I don't really understand what happened, but it was probably hand ball

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But then again, I've not scored many goals like this, so what the hell do I know

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Google would like a stronger search presence in China, but has faced difficulty competing with homegrown alternatives Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent.

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Stanekzai said his government had evidence the insurgents in Kunduz were communicating with command and control centers in Pakistan

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Palestinians say Israel is plotting to change the status quo, which Israel denies

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On Monday, prosecutors put another rat on the stand — former Bonanno underboss Salvatore Vitale

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Disproportionately large fake breasts can cause neck, shoulder and back problems (challenges that naturally large-breasted women often have to contend with, too)

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South Africa, England and France have not got used to that new dynamic so they are struggling, but we played with ambition and skill.

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This silent majority, who are sceptical about the size of the benefits bill, helped keep Mr Osborne in the Treasury.

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The decorated war hero, who served in the Vietnam War and was secretary of the Navy under Republican President Ronald Reagan, is known for outspoken critiques of U.S

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Frank Stella's Delaware Crossing and Beccafumi's Madonna and Child from the collection of A

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He then switched to photographing houses for House & Garden and Architectural Digest, and then interior designs for the books of Colefax & Fowler and David Hicks.

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8, according to the Tasnim news agency which is close to the Guards.

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Banter between the New York and Chicago area parks is already in its early stages — Great America features a sign outside that reads "A Great Adventure: Watching the Mets Lose to the Cubs."

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Genuine firsts in exploration are getting hard to find

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Put on your Tuesday best, roll out the red carpet and let's get ready for Bleacher Report's official mid-season awards show.

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To me, Spurrier had two specific qualities

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We want people to have an iPhone experience in their car.”

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The Taliban, who have steadily widened their footprint in the country over the past year, captured Ghormach on Sunday

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The Royals and Blue Jays are set for Game 4 of the ALCS in Toronto, first pitch is 4:07 p.m

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Standing outside the Dalzell plant after workers had been told the devastating news, I asked him if the news from Tata represented the death of Scottish steel

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He has allowed three home runs over 10 innings pitched here.

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All the remaining couples are safe

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There was a running-into-the-kicker penalty by fullback/defensive tackle Nikita Whitlock that led to another Eagles touchdown

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"Aggressive steps have been taken in recent years to increase funding levels," said Robert Bouche, the chief financial officer of the St

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HTC was the first Android smartphone maker, and it enjoyed early success in the smartphone space

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