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I got out to one local LA show this week but I’m not sure I can cut this going to bed at 2:30am stuff on a work night anymore. I will never resign myself to say those words amitriptyline 25mg $174.00, “I’m getting too…” but it is coming close. Weekend events include relaxing, a rodeo at the Anaheim Pond (aka The Honda Center) and seeing the Black Lips at Detroit bar on Sunday night.

I really do like to support the up and coming musician that actually has talent and chooses to find an alternate venue for selling his/her/their soul to the devil than appearing on American Idol. In this case that venue was the on Sunset. This had to be one of the worst setups for live music I have ever seen in my life. The “stage” area was 6’+ below the bar and seating area. Amitriptyline 25mg $174.00 there was wood slats that ran across the back of the seating area that allowed very limited vision to the stage and only one small stairway leading down to the stage to view the performance. I somehow don’t think this was the desired intent of this space. That being said I came to the venue to see another singer/songwriter and ended up being very impressed by. Unique voice and very good control and range for this set up. I ended up purchasing and was surprised to find the live performance to be even more vocally stunning than the EP. (I think this likely has more to do with the recording studio/process than anything else. ) While amitriptyline 25mg $174.00 the lyrics may not stretch the boundaries of the genre I feel the voice alone does. I’m not really sure how one breaks out from playing local LA bars but I’m hoping this is someone who makes it.

Clipse interim album to hold us all over until Octobers proper full length release. This is off their Mix Tape which I’m still not sure is an “official” release. Having been unfamiliar with the “Mix Tape” phenomenon in the hip hop/rap community I’ve pretty much determined it to be the EP of this community. Often tracks appear here that will appear on a full length but added content that would not be considered “commercially viable” is added by the artists. Here they go on with the intro to “20k” by saying they don’t make music for “treehuggers”. They close out the album by actually giving a commercial for when to expect official releases by both Clipse and Re-Up Gang. Clever and [amitriptyline 25mg $174.00] gets their point across to all of us white kids living in Orange County who put this on their own mix tape with George Strait.

Is there a categorie for “ambiance grind noise core”? Fuck Buttons is it. Melodic undertones with noise or is it Noise undertones with melodic tones? 9+ minutes of repetition that I really find easy to listen to while at work or chilling out. You also have to like that track title if nothing else.

Coming to you off of the resent reissue of one of my favorite 90’s releases, Odelay. U. N. K. L. E. does a great job putting together a remix that takes this song past the 12 minute mark. In the process sampling sound effects. It’s also good to hear Beck himself admit that on a number of songs on this album he had just added filler lyrics with the intention of putting in something that is actually clear and metephoric. In the process he says the group grew to like the filler lyrics more and just went with it. Thus even Beck doesn’t know what half these songs are about. So kids, stop smoking weed with this album thinking you will understand it.

Smoke weed with this song to fully understand it. Not so much either. This song is another that sums up 80’s radio country music. A song with (arguably) clever word play and a sentimental aspect that drives home some point about family, religion and trucks. (Not so much about the truck in this case. ) I’ve been thinking about this song a lot lately and it has risen pretty high I’m sure on my last. fm chart for the week.

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