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Back in the swing of things.  

My favorite National song of all time.   Yeah, it was a single but so what.   I can still pull out the “I saw these guys in the spring of 2005 playing at in San Luis Obispo to a room of 5 people allegra® 120mg pills (brand) $157.00, 2 of which I brought with me” card.   It really was a great show as Menomena and Talkdemonic both opened up for them and both bands are now fairly well known.   I’m going to miss out on seeing [allegra® 120mg pills (brand) $157.00] them open for REM at the Hollywood Bowl as there is very little way to make it to the bowl from Orange County without taking time off of work.  

I’ve never been a huge My Morning Jacket/Jim James fan until this album, .   This song seems like something that you would hear on one of those “Songs of the 70’s” compilation albums that they always advertise on the horrible satellite channels in the afternoon.   (Sorry, I assume such things are still being played on WGN at 3:30pm on Tuesdays but I haven’t been home on such a day to hear it in several years. ) James manages to pull this together quite well in such a way that the above statement is in no ways a negative.  

Another guilty pleasure.   allegra® 120mg pills (brand) $157.00 I recently obtained a copy of “Bug Sessions Vol 1-3” which are compilation EP’s the band put out of live acoustic performances. Allegra® 120mg pills (brand) $157.00   i’ve only been to a couple save’s the day shows and none were acoustic.   I imagine this being the exact sound and experience though. Hold also happens to be one of the best song’s the band has ever recorded in that sappy emo way.   Great to see a whole new group of teens enjoying this music.

Has it really been 4+ years since she put out an album?  I’m eagerly anticipating this new release though this track didn’t produce the same level of euphoria as the past few singles have.  

Another Gram Parson’s track, this time from his stint with The Byrds. While it only lasted one album I thought his time with them was outstanding.   This was also voted in as one of the 500 most influential songs in Rock and Roll by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.   Gotta love the beginnings of alt-country.

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