The Look Back

I Piss Excellence!


The progression of a delusional blogger, since 1996.

Ooze (Dead) – 1996-1998 – Nothing better to do in high school.

Livejournal (Dead) – June 2002 – April 2006 – Completed portion of life.

JHWDesign Portfolio (Active) – Resume which has not been updated since 2003.

MOALOS Photo Blog (Active) – Photography since 1999.

The Look Back Blog (Active) – Music, found media, ramblings.

Disclaimer: I post these mp3 links to try and promote the bands and artists I find to be, as the kids say, “awesome.”  If anyone from a band, a bands management or record label do not want these songs posted please email me and I will take the link down immediately.  justin @ jhwdesign (DOT) com

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