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Friday Mix 102

Some great stuff has been appearing as of late which will put 2010 in line with some of the better musical years of the last decade.  Be sure to get out and see Crazy Heart if you have any interest what so ever in country music or the superb acting of Jeff Bridges.

Frida Hyvönen – Jesus Was a Crossmaker

A cover of a Judee Sill original song written by her and Graham Nash in the early 70’s.  Saying the song is a simple rendition is to do it a disservice as it is a very emotional song that might be subdued in part by the musical arrangement but one that you get lost in soon enough.  That might be a huge pile of BS but just listen and get back to me on that one.

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Don’t Haunt This Place

Being out sick yesterday I spent the good portion of the day laying around on the couch catching up on season two of the AMC series “Breaking Bad”.  The show’s first season brought enough action/drama/suspense that I didn’t know how season two could do anything to top it.  The season has brought deeply evident changes in the emotional states of the characters involved in the show and you can’t help but start to feel for those characters and the huge amounts of stress, anger and hurt they are going through.  It takes a toll on you as you watch it episode after episode.  Perhaps that is why it’s a series best enjoyed week to week.  That said this song is one that hits again on the topic of a broken relationship.  Yet it does it with an upbeat drum part and ends with hope that maybe things might work out as both parties are aware that they need to come to agreements on things in a relationship.  I’m just hoping that Breaking Bad can come to a similar resolve when it wraps up for the last time.

Vampire Weekend – Cousins

I didn’t post anything from their 2008 debut album as they were the kings of indie fandom those first few months of the year and I was growing weary of the hype, however well deserved it may have been.  I’m not sure why I’m changing my tone here as these guys are even bigger than ever and just had the number one album on the Billboard charts.  It’s probably mostly because I had this song tagged back in December and never got a chance to post it.  Download it, love it, buy the album and continue to keep this album above Ke$ha.

Jeff Bridges aka Bad Black – Fallin’ & Flying

I’ve made no qualms about expressing my utter contempt and hatred of all things Avatar.  One of the first things critics (yes, there are many despite the $$$ this abomination has taken in) point to is the generic story line.  “Crazy Heart” ultimately has a fairly standard story line as well if you break it down to a pitch line.  I won’t do that here for those of you who might actually go see the movie even though it is fairly obvious.  That said the real strength of this movie and what makes the story work are the characters, acting and small plot points that make you keep watching.  Jeff Bridges pulls off the best acting of the year by far in his portrayal of “Bad Black” a down and out country music singer who has lost his direction, and fame, and now must play in bowling alleys and saloons to support him.  The song here is one of the songs from “Bad Black” that is played a few times in the movie. It will surely get stuck in your head and is one of the best songs on a superb soundtrack.  Beyond Jeff Bridges take on the role the biggest surprise for me was seeing Colin Farrell play the part of a fictional Tim McGraw type country singer.  The singing is all real and is the highlight of a very enjoyable movie all around.


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