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Friday Mix 101

It’s back.  After a wedding, php hack to my WordPress install that lead to Google blacklisting my site(update your install, kids!) and Christmas I’ve got things sorted out and will post a few songs that have been going through my ears lately.

The Big Pink – Dominos

I listened to this on repeat for about a week in early December.  Similar to how Passion Pit took a few months to get picked up by stations such as KROQ and played to oblivion I predict this track will be next, if it hasn’t hit already. It is a truly great rock track and one I can see every fratbro in the Mid-West fully embracing.  These guys HAVE to get bigger in the current landscape of music.  It’s destiny.

Sleigh Bells – Crown on the Ground

This came out of nowhere in October and I was hooked beyond belief.  It was one of those instances where I tracked down every single song I could find online (no official EP as of yet) and couldn’t get enough.  The duo consists of the former drummer of Poison the Well (Note: I saw those guys open up for Cursive back in the day at the Glasshouse and couldn’t believe the hardcore kids “singing” along to their screams.  It was frightening.) and a former bubblegum pop girl group singer.  The amount of distortion gives you a “what is this crap doing to my headphones” feeling but then everything is brought together so well that you know it is meant to be and not a setting you just messed up.  They then go a completely different direction when they break out another song on their demo with “Ring Ring”.  Very minimal distortion and a catchy chorus you will find lingering for a week or more.  I can’t wait for the actual release whenever that might be.

The xx – Shelter

Just like The Big Pink this UK group snuck up on me.  I was disillusioned with the various bands making debuts from August thru October so I didn’t pay attention to this until a little before Thanksgiving.  It’s now the go to work CD to listen to from start to finish.  It becomes one song when I passively listen to it.  This might not sound like a ringing endorsement but it is.  This is one of those songs that do stick out besides the other obvious choice in “VCR”.  If I ever do a “Best of 2009” this will be high on my list.

Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

I have a whole wedding post half way finished where I discuss all the various songs that were either played at the wedding or used for something related to the wedding.  This song would fit in that category since it was the song I heard over and over on our honeymoon in Hawaii.  Our rental car had no tape deck or audio input port so we were stuck with the radio.  Being on the Big Island this meant smooth jazz or a modern country station.  I picked the modern country station and soon realized it was like any other FM station playing the “hits”.  This means playing 15 songs on repeat with commercials thrown in for good measure and a canned DJ making a quip about how great the previous song is.  Taylor Swift stood out though and this song soon became the anthem of the trip for me, to the wife’s chagrin.  (I’m also pretty sure Taylor Swift won’t be with any of the above mentioned bands on blogs anytime soon.)


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