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Friday Mix 91

My first full day Friday in over a month and a half. Nothing to write home about. The 4th was fairly standard but did see a decent DJ set at a house party in Laguna Beach. The only positive I always look forward to with the 4th of July is that it seems the summer goes by VERY quickly from then on. I will inevitably look back in mid-August and say, “wasn’t the 4th just yesterday?” This will then make me happy for fall concerts and other things that I picture as being quintessential autumn in y mind. 99% of which very rarely occur since I live in Southern California but there will at least be college football. Is this enough rambling right here? I thought so.

Sally Shapiro – Love in July

The Swedish disco(ish) star is back with a single off of her upcoming album “My Guilty Pleasure”. A reminiscing song about past love set against what I thought would be a sweet ballad, nice way to change it up Sally. The video for the song is also cute on it’s own accord.  Check it out.

Motel Motel – Coffee

One of my favorite discoveries of this year is this Brooklyn by way of Denver band, Motel Motel. You have to give these guys a shot if for no other reason than their album cover for “New Denver”  is hands down the best I’ve seen all year. Dinosaurs vs. mustangs?! This is something that I definitely would have drawn (horribly) as a 5 year old and had stuck to the refrigerator for 3+ years. The music itself is folk/indie/rock which is right in my wheel house. You can definitely hear the influences of Ryan Adams (a little too much sometimes on the track “Virginia”) as well as the Cold War Kids and various alt-country influences. Sadly for the guys in the band this is likely to mean a 2.8 review on good old Pitchfork but I’m sure they will press on since this is a re-issue after all. Someone else out there has to like it. This song has secured a place on my best of 2009 if for no other reason than I need a song that was actually not released in 2009 to go on that list as one I discovered late.

Against Me! – Mutiny on the Electronic Bay

Against Me! are my favorite neo-punk band and one I come back to month to month but never bother to post on here. This comes from the just released album, “The Original Cowboy.” It’s a demo album recorded prior to 2003’s “The Eternal Cowboy”, my favorite Against Me! Album. Take a listen if you are a fan.

Patterson Hood – Granddaddy

Drive By Trucker leader releases a solo album full of a lot of great tracks from the last ten years. This is a song which talks of growing older and the hopes of just simply eating an apple on your front porch in the summer. One of those things I can still remember my grandfather doing while he fed his huge aquarium of goldfish that he kept on his front porch. The good old days.

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