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Friday Mix 76

Last weekend was rather exciting and gave me what some would describe as “news”.  I got engaged.  (She said yes for all of you who have asked me that stupid question.  Just for curiosity sake, do you really know anyone who would say they proposed to their girlfriend and she said no?)  We are looking to get married in November of this year which is a bit quick but we both felt it would be enough time to plan etc. since our venue is secure being in my parent’s grain field.  This being a music blog and me being a snob my immediate attention has been focused on picking out the perfect songs for every portion of the wedding and reception.  Thus starting this week I’m going to not only havea country song of the week on the mix but also a wedding song of the week.  These will take up the last two spots on the mix and will generally be spoken about more than the other songs.  By making myself pick out one song for the wedding a week I hope to have a nice list compiled in the next 8 months.  Wish us luck.

Grizzly Bear – Dory

This is from the much discussed Veckatimest record that comes out in May on Warp. You have likely heard this album and I wanted to post what I feel is my favorite track. The idea of swimming around like two dory fish is very strong for me. Possibly because my current roomate has a couple and he does stand there and watch them all the time. It also comes to my mind knowing that I will be moving out within the year and not getting to see the salt water tank which has been in my house now for almost 6 years. Speaking of which, everyone who I have helped move in the last 6 years owes me. I’m going to cash in.

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Some Trees

Wow, what a hard hitting record. While not totally convinced this is the kind of music that will hold through for the long haul it is something I take enjoyment in right now.

Ben Folds – The Luckiest

Sappy, check. Heartfelt, I think so. I’m thinking of this as being the backing music to one of those cliché photo montages where you put up photos of you and your fiancé from all adventures in life the last few years. Well, except for those shots at 1:30am inside of Avalon. You can judge my feelings about these from my description of them above but I still think we will have one. Needless to say, I’ve always been a sucker for Ben Folds and I feel this is a more appropriate song for a wedding than say one about an abortion a couple days after Christmas.

Sons of the Pioneers – I Hang My Head and Cry

Just didn’t want all the songs and mood to be too upbeat. You have to have a little sadness to let yourself know you are still alive.

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  1. jeri March 20th, 2009 1:41 pm

    Hey, congratulations! And 8 months is a good amount of time for planning

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